"I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel."    -Maya Angelou



Lingerie Massage

My lingerie massage is designed to tempt and tease. I will focus my touch on you while you remain passive. I will mix firm strokes

along with soft, silky touches to tantalize your body to the pinnacle of pleasure.

60 min-$170.....90 min-$250.....120 min-$330

Naturist Massage

My naturist massage is performed completely nude; it is a body-to-body massage. I will begin by using long deep strokes to relax

your body and mind. The session will culminate in utmost euphoria.

60 min-$200.....90 min-$290.....120 min-$380

Tantric Massage

My tantric massage is my most erotic and sought after session.  A tantric massage is ideal for those wanting to experience a deeper level of pleasure. I will begin the session much like the other massages, stroking your body to relax you. Yet the goal is to extend your pleasure for as long as possible. In order to do this, I will bring you close to the brink several times before an explosive climax. If you would like the chance to truly get acquainted with my exquisite body through mutual massage or body worship,

this is the option for you.

60 min-$250.....90 min-$360.....120 min-$460

Dinner Date + Tantric Massage

After meeting me, you may desire to spend time together outside of a massage setting. If I feel that we are well enough acquainted, I will accept your proposal. Whether you would like my company at a quaint restaurant, or at a work gala, rest assured that you will be the envy of all men that night.   (This option is not available to first time clients.)

3 hrs-$600.....4 hrs-$750